The F-word: Then and Now

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In 1968, Gloria Biggs was the executive women’s editor at TODAY, a Gannett newspaper in Coco, Florida. She wrote a column headlined “To Catch a Woman” for a trade publication in which she provided advice…

A Love Letter to My Son on the 2nd Anniversary of the Dancing Accident that Broke My Wrists

A reblogged post from OSCLG Wise Woman Deborah Ballard-Reisch reflecting on her OSCLG dance mishaps and love for her son.

Deborah's Deliberations

We wish things for our children before they are born. In my case, I wished that my children would be loving, strong in character, and independent. My son and daughter are all these things in very different ways. This love letter, though, is to my son. Often we don’t get to see the full measure of who our children become. As they grow, they live their lives more and more separate from ours. I got the opportunity to see my son for the man he is. It is an opportunity I will always cherish.


On October 13, 2012, our lives changed. Stefan was in Wichita, Kansas visiting me before joining the Navy. He was preparing for boot camp and contemplating signing his final admittance paperwork. I was at my favorite academic conference of the year, the place where I have found both my creative inspiration and my best friends. This…

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Celebrity Feminism Is A Good Thing

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Celebrity feminism is a good thing. Recently, actress Emma Watson gave one hell of a speech at the United Nations urging equality for women and girls: Beyonce turned her performance at the MTV Video Music Awards into an opportunity…