The Dreaded Graduation Gift: To Lean In or Not to Lean In?

Here is a reblog of a post from ASU graduate student Sarah Jones. It’s some great thoughts on the complexities of the “Lean In” message, especially as we consider new graduates coming into the workplace.


that is the question for you consumers out there, frantic about what meaningful gift to present your beloved 2015 graduate. If you forgo the shower caddies and Easy Mac, you might err towards something popular and intellectually stimulating, something to challenge and better the mind.

Recently, I read Lean In by Facebook’s COO, Sheryl Sandberg, except I purchased the for Graduates version.[1] It was a graduation present to myself last spring and my guess is that many others will come across it as we near graduation season. But would it be an appropriate gift for the Class of 2015, one that would stand out amongst the piles of bed sheets and wall calendars, one worthy of its hype and true to its title?


Lean In was quick to garner critical acclaim. I bought into the hype before I even purchased…

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